PhysicianLink Tips and Tricks

Order Entry Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, an colonoscopy order is placed using PhysicianLink. This process can be used to place general procedure orders as well.

Personalize Your Patient Event Notifications on Penn PhysicianLink

See what you want about your patients, when you want to see it: Opt in to Event Monitor notifications relevant to you and your patient. No more being overloaded with notifications you don't need to see. Customize when and how you are notified when an event is triggered for one of your patients. Existing notifications will not be affected by changes to these settings.

Note: Due to privacy concerns, you may not be notified of sensitive events.

Screenshot of PhysicianLink Event Filter

Granting Access to Your In Basket

PhysicianLink users have the ability to grant In Basket folder access to other PhysicianLink users at their site in their absence. If you have PennChart access, you will complete this workflow in PennChart.

How to Grant Access to Your In Basket

To grant a colleague or member of your site access to your In Basket, click into the In Basket icon on the top left of the portal. Click "Attach".

Screengrab of the physicianlink portal

Next, search for the grantor of access. Select the "Grant Access" tab and add the name of the user to whom you would like to grant access. (This user must be part of the same site/practice.)

screengrab of physicianlink inbasket

Click on the correct grantor name and save. When the other user logs into the portal and clicks into their In Basket, they will see that they are attached to your In Basket (listed on bottom left).

screengrab of inbasket in physicianlink

The Attached In Baskets appear on the bottom-left of the In Basket screen. The user can then click on "Attached In Baskets" to view messages.

screengrab of inbasket

Order Entry

A new Order Entry feature is now available for Home Health and Hospice, which allows providers (physicians, CRNPs, PA-Cs) to place home health care consult orders. Three home health consult orders are now available under the Orders tab.

Penn PhysicianLink Order Entry screengrab

Order Review

The Order Review feature allows providers to review orders that have already been placed for a patient by other providers in the same practice/user group.

Penn PhysicianLink Order Review web portal image

PACS Image Viewer

The PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) Image Viewer is a tool that allows providers and their teams to view diagnostic image results and PACS images for shared patients. All PhysicianLink users have access to this feature.

To use the PACS Image Viewer in PhysicianLink:

Screengrab image of PACS Image View tool in Penn PhysicianLink

Procedure-Allergy Interactions Function

The Allergies/Contraindication tool includes a Procedure-Allergy Interactions function that allows providers to see a list of procedure-allergy warnings between actionable procedures and the patient’s listed allergies.

Hospital Surgeon Daily Schedule

The Surgeon Daily Schedule enables the surgeon’s support staff the ability to track the surgeon's schedule, allowing surgical clinics to use PhysicianLink as a convenient home workspace for daily activities.

A patient chart icon is listed on the left hand side of the schedule for surgeons to view the scheduled patient’s chart. Only one surgeon's schedule appears at a time in the report, but users who work with multiple surgeons can select which surgeon's schedule they want to view.

PhysicianLink surgeon daily schedule screenshot

physicianlink surgeon daily schedule screengrab

Review EKGs

To view an EKG in PhysicianLink, click "Chart Review" and select "Cardiology Tab". A viewable result will have a paper clip icon nect to the box with "Scanned Result" as a description, as well as the ScanDoc Description of 12 lead EKG.

Click the date to view the EKG.

PhysicianLink EKG viewer screenshot

PhysicianLink EKG viewer screenshot

Manage Patient's Expired and Discontinued Medications on Penn PhysicianLink

Using the Medications activity tab in web applications you can now see the new discontinued medications appear with a clear strikethrough.

Screenshot of PhysicianLink Manage Patient Medications

View a Panorama Instead of a Snapshot on Penn PhysicianLink

SnapShot is now less of a single shot and more of a panorama. A toolbar with multiple reports can now appear in SnapShot, allowing you to switch between different reports. You can also now add a Longitudinal Plan of Care report to SnapShot without losing your default report. If multiple reports are configured, a toolbar appears allowing you to choose which report to view.

Screenshot of Penn PhysicianLink's SnapShot screen

Penn PhysicianLink's Chart Review Encounters and Notes Tab

Chart review tabs have a new style making better use of the space on the screen, especially in widescreen and sidebar views. New icons, grouping, color coding, and tooltips make it easier than ever to understand the patient story.

Screenshot of Penn PhysicianLink's Chart Review Encounters screen

Screenshot of Penn PhysicianLink's Progress Notes screen